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Scottish wild deer consultation welcomed

The proposals contained within the Deer Commission for Scotland’s (DCS) consultation document Strategy for Wild Deer in Scotland, co-ordinated in partnership with the Forestry Commission Scotland, Scottish Natural Heritage and the Scottish Government Rural Directorate, outline opportunities to enhance the stalking industry, creating more jobs in rural areas while at the same time improving
the management of wild deer.

Scotland’s minister for the environment, Mike Russell, said: “Scotland’s wild deer are an important asset and have an iconic status for the Scottish people. The strategy will shape the future of sustainable deer management so that they remain an important asset for future generations.”

The strategy document identifies key areas for the future of wild deer management, including the development of the market and supply chain for wild venison and the encouragement of stalking within the tourist industry.

Significantly, the strategy also identifies funding opportunities which should be made available to land managers under the auspices of the Scottish Rural Development programme to help achieve these aims.

The consultation, which is open to public submissions, runs until 1 February, 2008.

Copies of the document can be found at Deer Commission for Scotland

The rest of this article will appear in the November 15th issue of Shooting Times.