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SGA outraged at gamekeeping slur

Animal welfare charities in Scotland have been accused of ?stooping to an all time low? after it was revealed that they used talks and props to demonise estate workers during presentations to primary schools.

The Scottish Gamekeepers? Association (SGA) has urged education minister Mike Russell to investigate after the RSPB and Scottish SPCA (SSPCA) admitted giving children toy guns, tweed hats and a fake bottle of poison to represent the gamekeeping profession, and telling them that estate workers use illegal traps to kill and maim wildlife.

SGA chairman Alex Hogg said: ?Every parent should be shocked that these charities are using classroom time to indoctrinate impressionable young children and twist their minds against genuine country people. These organisations are clearly intent on demonising a legitimate profession and trying to outlaw legal tools such as traps and snares.?

The rest of this article appears in 6th July issue of Shooting Times.

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