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Shoot advice service

The GWCT has launched a new advisory service for lowland shoots managing both wild and released game. The service combines research with practical advice and guarantees to increase the survival and breeding success of wild pheasants and partridges as well as helping to improve the prospects for released game.

The new Lowground Technical Services (LTS) follows in the footsteps of the GWCT?s existing Grouse Technical Services (GTS), which has proved hugely effective and popular to moorland owners in the north of England and Scotland. Support is tailored to a particular project beginning with a management plan followed by on-the-ground guidance on how to implement the strategy.

Alex Butler, based at the GWCT?s Allerton Project farm in Loddington, Leicestershire, is leading this new initiative. He said, ?We are delighted to offer this new service to lowland shoots. It is a crossover between science and advice and aims to give owners and keepers the reassurance that they are getting the best advice and support to maximise both their wild and released game season after season.?

The rest of this article appears in the 25th April issue of Shooting Times.

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