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Shooting boosts economy

Research by The Moorland Association has revealed the huge economic impact of wild red grouse shooting in England and Wales, despite only a handful of moors breaking even financially, reports Will Finch.

Grouse moor owners spent £52.5million on year-round management of their land in 2010, a figure that is set to increase this year with buoyant grouse shooting prospects.

However, according to the research, moors that let some or all of their shooting days on a commercial basis only receive revenue to cover, on average, less than 40 per cent of their annual costs.

The association?s chairman, Edward Bromet, said: ?With little chance of generating a profit, grouse moor management is not a business that many bank managers would encourage you to get into.

?However, the passion of moorland managers for their sport and the deep desire to improve the landscape whilst it is in their care, means that many people profit in other ways.?

The rest of this article appears in 10th August issue of Shooting Times.

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