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Shooting groups call for rejection of EU proposals

Shooting groups call for rejection of EU proposals.
The public consultation Evaluation of the EU Policy on Animal Welfare is intended to test opinion on EU legislation relating to farm animals, pets and animal testing, but it also includes a question on whether laws protecting wild animals should come under EU control.

The Fédération des Associations de Chasseurs de l?EU [The Federation of Associations for Hunting and Conservation of the European Union (FACE)] is concerned that such a move could lead to restrictions on shooting and wildlife management that individual member states would be powerless to prevent.

FACE has also expressed the fear that, should the welfare of wild animals come under EU control, powerful international animal rights? groups would take advantage of the move by focusing their lobbying on the European Parliament in their fight for worldwide bans on hunting, shooting and fishing.

As a result FACE is urging its seven million members to take part in the survey.

Tim Hoggarth, FACE-UK executive officer, said: ?The ideal time to influence European legislation is before a draft passes into the political arena. This survey is just such a chance. UK shooters have the opportunity to say that they wish responsibility for wild animal welfare policy to be retained by individual member states, not by the wider European community. I would, therefore, urge all those involved in fieldsports or wildlife management in the UK to take part and to make sure that you answer question 11(i) with the option ?strongly disagree?.?

To take part in the survey, visit

The closing date is 31 July 2010.

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