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Shooting groups call to action as deadline looms

Shooting groups call to action as deadline looms.
BASC asked those who submitted evidence to alert the organisation and it has received a positive response.

Communications director Christopher Graffius said: ?It is the best response I can remember. We have had between five and 10 emails per day with evidence attached since the enquiry was launched.?

However, he urged anyone who hadn?t yet responded to do so and emphasised the importance of continuing to lobby local MPs after the 27 August deadline: ?It is essential to make yourself known to your local MP as a shooter and if possible invite them to a shoot so they experience the activity first-hand rather than hearing about it through the media.?

Former police superintendent, Colin Greenwood, believes lobbying is vital to prevent ACPO and the Home Office carrying out their intention of making shotguns require a Section 1 firearms certificate, a measure first proposed 10 years ago.

He said: ?The process can only be stopped if the entire community starts the fight back immediately. Making shotgun owners require firearms certificates will do enormous damage to shooting, so it?s vital that we all submit evidence to the committee and lobby our local MPs.?

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