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Shooting and fieldsports enthusiasts will be pleased to hear that their favourite magazines will be offering even better value for money.

In a move to strengthen the brands and simply its offering, the publisher will blend Sporting Rifle into weekly Shooting Times. Clay Shooting magazine will be a section in monthly Sporting Gun whilst Shooting Gazette will be merged into The Field.

Patrick Galbraith, editor of Shooting Times commented: “For almost 140 years Shooting Times has been the bible of British fieldsports. This merger will see Sporting Rifle’s market-leading content being added to Shooting Times‘ existing weekly blend of shooting, stalking, game cookery, conservation and all the latest news and comment from a team of experts and award-winning rural writers. It is hugely exciting that Shooting Times will now contain more content than ever before and I really look forward to welcoming Sporting Rifles‘ readers and contributors on board. ” The first issue incorporating Sporting Rifle will be published on 5th May.

Matthew Clark, editor of Sporting Gun magazine agreed: “Some great news for shooting sports enthusiasts. From the May issue Sporting Gun will incorporate Clay Shooting magazine into its pages, giving readers more claybusting action in addition to all the usual great content found in Sporting Gun. This exciting development will put clay shooting back into the heart of the publication, taking Sporting Gun back to its glory days.”

The Field (established 1853) is a well-balanced, forward-looking publication, with unequalled heritage, expertise in our market and integrity. At our heart is our sporting heritage, love of fieldsports and exceptional contributors” says Editor Alexandra Henton. “As the natural home for those who enjoy driven game shooting, and everything else that goes with a modern sporting outlook, I am delighted that Shooting Gazette will join The Field from the May 2021 issue, the latest in a long line of amalgamations that has made The Field the best-selling, leading fieldsports brand it is today. The Field, with its iconic 168 year heritage, is the natural home for the Gazette’s keen sporting readers, and all those who enjoy everything best in our world”.