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Shooting Times 3 August 2022

The latest issue of Shooting Times is out now. Here's what's in store.


With the Tory party membership currently considering their options as to who, between Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak, will be the next prime minister of the United Kingdom, in this week’s Shooting Times we consider the final two candidates more closely as it pertains to their commitment to fieldsports. Who will be a better friend to the countryside community and the rural businesses on which many of them depend? You’ll find our analysis in the latest issue of Shooting Times.

Away from the corridors of power in this week’s issue, we are also taking a deep dive into pigeon shooting, as we discuss the tactics and strategies that you can use to bag more pigeons. Also in the latest Shooting Times we provide expert buying advice on how to pick the perfect gun for fowling on the marshes, how to decide which calibre is best for rabbit control, we ask if thermal spotters are essential kit for deer, and if decoying can stack up against a partridge day.



But there’s so much more in this and every issue of Shooting Times, including regular columns such as the latest shooting news, shooting answers, dog of the week, what to do this week and Alasdair Mitchell having his say.

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