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Shooting Times celebrates its 125th anniversary!

This Thursday, 6 September, Shooting Times is celebrating its 125th anniversary with a special 132-page issue, which we are publishing together with a celebratory 96-page book featuring extracts from the magazine’s first 125 years.

First published on 9 September 1882, the magazine occupies a unique position in the hearts of fieldsportsmen and women and has become the by-word for weekly shooting news, views and writing. In honour of the occasion, we have put together a commemorative issue, which includes a five-page article on the history of the magazine itself, as well as special features reflecting on the past 125 years, and the future of the sport.

In addition, we have produced a 96-page book, 125 Years of Shooting Times, to be published with next week’s issue, in which some of the best extracts from the earliest Victorian contributors right up to present-day writers appear. The book features not only the fantastic stories that have kept readers engaged for so many years, but also extracts of historical significance which are sure to fascinate those with an interest in our sport.

“It’s an honour to be at the helm of such a prestigious magazine as it reaches such a landmark,” commented ST editor Camilla Clark, “We’ve put a lot into this week’s 6 September issue to mark the occasion. Hopefully our loyal regular readers and new ones alike will find plenty to interest them ? not least, of course, the chance to look back on the magazine’s truly fascinating history.”

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