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Shooting undervalued by Scotland ‘nature’ survey

Shooting undervalued in Scotland.
A recent report published by Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) on the value of ?nature tourism? to Scotland has been criticised for failing to acknowledge the contribution made by wildlife managers.

The survey states that fieldsports generate £136million.

It also states that ?wildlife tourism?, which includes birdwatching, and guided walks, brings in £127million and that adventure activities, such as mountain biking and canoeing are worth £178million.

All ?nature? together generates £1.4billion.

However, Alex Hogg of the Scottish Gamekeepers? Association claimed that the figures do not take account of the work done by stalkers, gillies and keepers to preserve Scottish landscapes.

He said: ?Who would go on a walking holiday if the heather was long and rank or if there weren?t managed routes through dense woodland? Would there be any birds to watch if vermin were left to multiply and devastate ground-nesting birds? And how much weight is given to the importance of seeing people working in the environment and adding to the rich culture of the countryside? If they weren?t putting in the hours, Scotland?s landscape would resemble a tick-infested tundra, which would be a turn-off for tourists.?