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Shotgun landlord chases off burglars after police delay

Shotgun landlord chases off buglars after police delay.
Sussex landlord, Simon Thomas, spotted the thieves as they loaded stolen bicycles into the back of a car at 2am.

The experienced shooter immediately grabbed one of his licensed shotguns and took aim from his bedroom window.

He shouted: ?Don’t move, I’ve got a loaded gun on you.?

The thieves pleaded for mercy and claimed they thought the pub, the Anchor Inn, in Barcombe, was empty.

Mr Thomas went back into the house, dialled 999 and put his gun safely back in the cabinet.  

He said: ?I called the police and they told me they didn’t have anyone available to come over right away but to put the gun away so I did. When I went downstairs, they were getting the bikes out of the car and drove off.?

?If push came to shove I would have fired the gun. Both of my children were asleep in the house and protecting them was my priority.  I don’t want people to think I’m some gun nut, but I was prepared to do pretty much whatever it would take to protect my children.?

Mr Thomas tried chasing after them in his Land Rover but lost sight of them as they drove through the village.

Sussex Police confirmed they were called shortly after 2am on Saturday last week but only made it to the pub 50 minutes later.

A spokeswoman said: ?The call was graded for immediate response, although it should be noted that the suspects had driven off before police were called. Officers arrived as soon as possible but were responding to other calls at the time.?

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