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Showcase of trail-hunting

The demonstration aimed to educate the public on trail-hunting.

The British Hound Sports Association (BHSA) demonstrated trail-hunting for the public recently. Hosted by the Barlow Hunt in Derbyshire, with the Holcombe Harriers also taking part, the event demonstrated how hunts prepare for a day’s activities and how they successfully trail-hunt within the confines of the Hunting Act 2004. 

Olly Hughes, managing director of the BHSA, which accredits 242 hound packs across the UK, said: “We have to be open and show how our sport works in practice, especially to those who are opposed to it or just unsure about it. We must continue to demonstrate that trail-hunting is a properly managed, legal and ethical sporting activity that follows a strict set of protocols and rules.” 

Jo Riley, a master for the Barlow, said: “Our trail was laid using an e-bike and the Holcombe Harriers used a mounted trail-layer, but sometimes this is done by someone on foot or on a quad. This is beautiful countryside and we believe that trail-hunting enables everyone to continue the tradition of the sport while also enjoying the countryside.” 

This demonstration follows a Telegraph column by Ben Wallace, the former defence secretary, stating his support for hunting. He denounced hunt saboteurs and the lax attitude of police, saying: “Wherever you find the hunts, you will find thuggery in tow”.