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Simpler licensing forms welcomed

Fieldsports organisations have welcomed the simplification of the firearms application process. After eight years of consultations between BASC, the police and the Home Office, a new form has been produced that makes applying for a certificate much easier.

The format of the new application was partly designed by the staff at BASC, and following an online survey of its members to see which was preferred, the final form was chosen. Currently, for coterminous certificates, there are four separate forms, which means that much of the information has to be repeated. However, as of 1 December, there will be a single form for both grants and renewals. A smaller, separate form will deal with variations for firearms certificates. Ammunition requirements have also been simplified, and under the new system it will no longer be mandatory to declare how much ammunition can be bought; only how much can be possessed.

The rest of this article appears in the 14th August issue of Shooting Times.

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