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Snaring at risk in Scotland

Snare setting

The six-week consultation wil seek views on a complete ban of snares in Scotland

The Scottish government has started a six-week consultation on the complete ban of snares. The review also includes extending the Scottish SPCA’s powers to investigate wildlife crimes.

Scotland’s environment minister Gillian Martin said: “More effective and humane forms of managing wildlife are available and we will continue to support the industry to make use of these methods.”

However, upland keeper Lindsay Waddell told ST that snares are a vital tool and commented: “If politicians ignore the peer-reviewed science, of which there is plenty, and simply bend to those who shout loudest, then I fear for the future of our ground-nesting birds.

“Those who would see the snare banned will end up shedding tears when [ground-nesting birds] become extinct as breeding birds in this country. The sad thing is, they will never admit why it happened.”

The new provisions could be included in the Scottish’s government’s upcoming Wildlife Management and Muirburn (Scotland) Bill. Antishooting groups estimate that 76% of the Scottish public would support a ban on the sale and use of snares and, on 27 June, Wales became the first country in the UK to vote through a total ban on snares.

Share your views on the consultation at scot before 3 October.

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