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St Hubert’s day appeal

Originally firearms expert, Mike Yardley’s conception, the UCSW said: “It should be someone who has not been out hunting, shooting, fishing, falconry or any other of the country sports before. Even if there is no hunting because of foot and mouth, people can organise a hunt ride, go fishing or clay shooting. Hunts could use the day to get together with members and supporters and hold their meet at a fishing lake or clay shoot.”

Alastair Jackson, director of Masters of Foxhounds Association (MFHA) said: “The MFHA fully support the UCSW in their St. Hubert’s Day initiative and encourage members to organise an event to introduce newcomers to hunting”.

BASC said they welcomed any initiative that will help newcomers become involved in country sports: “BASC already does a lot of work to get new people started in shooting with special events for women and young people and the creation of our shooting opportunities website There is also a lot individuals can do to promote shooting sports to a wider audience just by inviting non-shooting friends on a shoot day so they can see first hand what shooting is all about.”