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Stalking ground offers DSC2 students access to deer

The British Deer Society (BDS) has signed up a 1,000-acre deer park in Sussex, which will allow candidates to complete their Deer Stalking Certificate 2 (DSC2) over a two-day package. The arrangement means that those who might otherwise have trouble finding their own stalking ground and organising for a DMQ Approved Witness to oversee the three culls required for the DSC2 will be able to complete the witnessed stalks without complications.

The alternative, visiting an Approved Witness on their own ground, can be costly and repeat visits are often required because success is dependent on encountering deer. However, the deer park has a significant number of cull animals, primarily fallow does and sika hinds, which have been allocated to meet DSC2 candidates? requirements.

The two-day package costs £492, which includes a briefing on the requirements as well as a safety and marksmanship session on the estate?s rifle range.

Dave Goffin, training manager at the BDS, said: ?This is a unique opportunity for DSC2 candidates to achieve their evidence in a short period of time and at a sensible cost. Candidates should be aware, however, that the scheme guarantees only that deer will be seen; the rest of the evidence gathering will be entirely down to a candidate?s knowledge, skill and ability.?

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