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Star Trek actor Stewart invited clay shooting

The invitation to experience shooting first hand was made by David Taylor, Campaign Manager for Shooting at the Countryside Alliance, following complaints by the Star Trek actor about noise from the ground, which is near to his Cotswold’s home.

According to reports, the Star Trek actor is amongst several residents who have petitioned the council to lessen the noise.

The Countryside Alliance has responded by inviting Sir Patrick, who played Jean-Luc Picard in Star Trek: The Next Generation, and several films from the Star Trek franchise, to Oxfordshire Shooting School during National Shooting Week.

In response to the news of the Star Trek actor’s complaint, David Taylor, Shooting Campaign Manager for the Countryside Alliance, said:

“We understand that shooting grounds can generate a lot of noise and I am certain that Oxfordshire Shooting School will be doing all it can to lessen the impact on the surrounding area. However, I would say to residents: instead of getting angry, get involved! National Shooting Week is an annual event designed to encourage people who have never experienced shooting first-hand to have a go, and is coming up in June. I think Sir Patrick will be a little more forgiving of the noise once he, or his family, have had the opportunity to have a great day out shooting a few clays.”

National Shooting Week runs from June 2-10.

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