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Stylish new Range Rover unveiled

It’s not all that often a brand new Range Rover comes along, but as it has been the default choice for many shooting men and women since its launch 40 years ago, Shooting Gazette editor Will Hetherington felt we should offer an opinion on the arrival of the new baby Rangie.

The Evoque has already provoked a huge amount of debate, but the Paris Motor Show (which opened yesterday) is the first opportunity for the public to get up close and personal with it.

You will no doubt have already heard about how it’s the first Land Rover product ever to be available with front or four-wheel drive, how it’s going to cost about £30,000 – £35,000 and how Victoria Beckham has had a hand in the interior design (see below).

 Range Rover Evoque Interior

What we haven’t heard are the answers to the really important questions: 

  • Will you be able to take it shooting?
  • If you do, will there be sly asides about Posh and Becks as the sloe gins are handed round?
  • Will the smart alecs who’ve arrived at a Cotswold partridge shoot in Defenders kitted out to cross the Okavango Delta try to get you stuck at every opportunity?

Actually, it will be just great to take shooting: it’s just about the same size as the original Range Rover and it’ll have more than enough off-road ability as long as you choose the more sensible wheel and tyre options (no chromed 20-inchers for you).

And, as long as you’re careful with your choice of colour and specification, it will look completely at home alongside your fellow guns’ rides.

It’s very, very stylish – luxurious in a modern way inside and handsome in a nice, unaggressive, Hugh Grant sort of way on the outside – and since the most economical ones will do nearly 60mpg you’ll be able to drive it through Islington without being accused of murdering polar bears.

It’ll be a huge success.