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TalkTalk rethinks its shooting-website access strategy

TalkTalk’s filtering software, HomeSafe, automatically categorises websites such as as only being suitable for over-18s, thereby restricting access by individual users below that age. Following discussions with BASC, TalkTalk has unblocked the Gun Dealer website.

TalkTalk has joined Vodafone and Virgin Mobile in reviewing similar automatic restrictions.

Conor O’Gorman, BASC’s policy development manager, said: “Shooting is widely enjoyed by people of all ages and is an important part of the countryside. It generates £1.6 billion pounds for the economy every year, brings conservation benefits and helps to protect the food supply. BASC is committed to removing unnecessary restrictions on shooting-related web content. We welcome TalkTalk’s positive approach to the issue and look forward to continuing to work with them.”

BASC has set up a web page which people can use to see which websites have been unblocked and to report blocked websites.

Details of HomeSafe, which is provided free of charge to TalkTalk’s customers.

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