Hot on the heels of Ed Ling's success, fellow Team GB shooter Steve Scott has won a bronze medal in double trap after a stand-off against team member Tim Kneale

In a British head-to-head final against fellow Team GB shooter Tim Kneale, Steve Scott will be coming home with a bronze medal after his success in the double trap.

The pair had taken third and fourth positions in the semi-finals a few minutes before.

However Steve Scott claimed victory scoring a perfect 30.

  • Scott hails from Battle in East Sussex
  • He is 33 years old
  • As a teenager he helped his dad run a shooting ground
  • He spent a lot of time making tea and filling traps!
  • He did work experience at West Kent Shooting School where he learned a lot from the acclaimed shooters there – like one George Digweed
  • George Digweed was his childhood idol
  • Steve is ranked in the top five in the world
  • He’s going to “have a break for a few months” after the Olympics
  • He’s thinking about getting a superbike when Rio is over
  • He says the Double Trap team is a really friendly bunch
  • He hopes if people see the team at a ground that they will come up, say hello and perhaps learn more about the discipline

Talking about his formative years and George Digweed’s help with his shooting career, he comments: “George Digweed was my idol and when I was working there (West Kent Shooting School) at 16 or 17, he was shooting Double Trap. I never knew about the discipline, but he asked me if I wanted to have a go and I got the bug for it. I thought “I’ll give this a go properly”.

Great news for TeamGB that he did! Congratulations Steve!

George Digweed

George Digweed was Steve Scott’s teenage idol