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Thieves target Land Rover Defenders

Police warn of thieves targetting Land Rover Defenders to strip them for parts

Land Rover Defender

Police across the country are warning Land Rover owners to step up their security following a rise in Defender vehicles being targeted by thieves stripping them for parts.

With Land Rover Defender models due to be phased out of production next year, police have, in recent months, recorded a number of thefts in which parts as well as complete vehicles have been targeted.

In Staffordshire last month four vehicles were targeted in one week, with spotlights, winches, headlights and bonnets all taken. Meanwhile, last week, two distinctive renovated V8 90 models were taken from a locked barn in Ashleworth, Gloucestershire. Similarly, in Hampshire, at least three Defenders have had bonnets stolen in recent incidents.

In Norfolk, police have seen a number of Land Rovers stripped for parts. The force’s Superintendent Dennis Lacey explained that the crime is on the up: “This type of crime appears to be a national trend with several other forces reporting similar offences. The thefts are mainly in rural locations and the thieves are clearly taking some time in removing the items. The parts are often large so it is suspected that the offenders are using a van or a flatbed to transport the parts away from the scene. If you own a Land Rover we would ask that if possible you review your vehicle security system or consider parking your vehicle in a garage overnight.”

Earlier this year the security company Tracker revealed the top 10 vehicles stolen and recovered using its electronic security technology — two Land Rover models, the Range Rover and the Range Rover Sport — made the top 10 coming eighth and seventh respectively.

An internet forum has been established by Land Rover owners to help police and to provide security advice and assistance.