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Today thousands are protesting concerns over Scottish rural policy

The shooting community is rallying to support Scotland’s rural workers as a long planned protest goes online today

Rural workers protest

The Rural Workers Protest had been planned to take place in Scotland’s capital, however COVID restrictions forced organisers to think creatively and the protest moved online. The  event was jointly organised by the Scottish Gamekeepers association and Scotland’s regional moorland groups. However support is going far beyond gamekeepers. As well as shepherds, farmers, forestry workers, fishing ghillies, farriers and hunt staff thousands of others from across the urban and rural UK are taking the opportunity to express their concern over rural policy and its effect on the lives of rural workers.

SGA Chairman Alex Hogg explained why the organisation had helped organise the protest. Alex said “There have been issues and decisions in this Parliament which have made rural workers feel marginalised by the type of politics we now have in Scotland,”

“The Edinburgh Parliament feels distant from many people on the ground. Practical experience seems to hold less sway than presentations by slick lobby groups, campaign videos and emotive messages which often misrepresent important issues.

“Scottish Government are no longer getting out to see the heart of the matter in these areas and people are growing tired of sending emails and letters that often don’t even get acknowledged.

“They deserve a better say and for the vast contributions they make to rural Scotland to be reflected in policy. They need a different kind of politics and it must start after the election.”

“Whatever logistical challenges we have faced, it is vital that people will get the opportunity to send a message to Scottish Government,” said Lianne MacLennan, Co-Ordinator of event co-hosts, Scotland’s regional moorland groups.

People taking part in the protest are using a variety of methods to express their concerns including videos, photographs, emails to MSPs and a Twitter campaign co-ordinated under the hashtag #rwp21