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Ugbrooke Estate to close its shoot after 128 years

A historic Devon estate is closing its game shooting operation to concentrate on developing sustainable enterprises for the benefit of the environment, local communities and the local economy. 

The 3,000-acre Ugbrooke Estate, near Newton Abbot, has been offering game shooting to guests since 1896. In that time, it has won many awards, including Guns on Pegs’ best shoot in the south-west in 2021. The final formal shoot on the estate was held on 12 January.

Custodian of the Ugbrooke estate Alexander Clifford said: “I am very proud of all we have achieved with the shoot at Ugbrooke, which has been an asset to the estate over many years and has made a positive impact on the environment and community, while creating some incredible memories for hundreds of people.

“The challenges over the past four seasons, with the pandemic, the outbreak of avian flu, followed by the war in Ukraine and its effect on running costs, have demonstrated that the shoot is no longer financially sustainable. The time has come to focus on parts of our business that are more sustainable in the long-term