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Violent sab is given the first anti-hunting ‘ASBO’

Paul Allman has been banned from attending any hunt in Cheshire or North Wales.

A hunt saboteur branded “a danger to the public” has been given an ASBO-style ban in what is believed to be the first case of its kind. 

Paul Allman, described as “the face of UK hunt saboteurs”, has been made subject to a five-year Criminal Behaviour Order aimed at restricting his sabbing activities, including a ban on any activities to disrupt trail hunts. This includes attending any hunt in Cheshire or North Wales, wearing a face covering or having in his possession items to “disrupt or distress a person or animals at a hunt”. 

Allman is also banned from using, or encouraging others to use, abusive language toward hunt followers, associating with others at a meet or transporting people to them. A breach of the order is punishable by up to five years in prison. 

Polly Portwin, head of hunting at the Countryside Alliance, said: “We are pleased to see robust action taken against Paul Allman. Anti-hunting thugs get gratification from bullying law-abiding country people and this action shows that such behaviour, when pursued effectively in the courts, will not be tolerated.”