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Welcome to the moor!

Information boards have been installed on a number of Scottish grouse moors, giving members of the public the opportunity to learn about what happens on a moor, the Scottish Countryside Alliance Educational Trust has announced.

The 30 all-weather boards, a partnership project between the Trust and the Scottish Moorland Group, have photos of different species that can be seen on the moor, along with information about responsible access and wildlife management including predator control and heather burning.

Trust chief executive Nicola Chalmers-Watson said: ?Many visitors to Scotland will drive through the moors and possibly do no more than wonder ?why does it look like that??

“These boards provide practical information, so visitors can start to appreciate the importance of this incredibly valuable part of our landscape?.

Tim Baynes, director of the Scottish Moorland Group which brings together the owners, managers and advisors who look after much of Scotland?s moorland area, said: ?We have designed these boards to demystify what happens on managed moorlands.

?There is a need to explain how the often unseen work that goes on all year round conserves a precious natural asset, the wildlife and the traditional culture of the hills.

?The headline message ?Welcome to the Moor? sums it up and our members are putting up the boards at strategic points where they will be seen by visitors keen to lean more.

?Moorland might look like an empty wilderness at first glance, but there is a lot going on and we want the public to share in that.?

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