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Welsh Assembly to introduce compulsory microchipping

Carwyn Jones, Wales?s First Minister, last week set out the Welsh Assembly Government?s proposals to make micro-chipping of all dogs compulsory under new dog welfare laws to be considered in the autumn.

During a visit to a Dog?s Trust rehoming centre at Bridgend last week, Mr Jones explained that the plans were intended to clamp down on puppy farming. The proposals include tightening the thresholds that dictate when a dog breeding licence is required; defining a staff-to-dog ratio for breeding premises; and introducing compulsory microchipping of puppies prior to sale from licensed breeding premises.

Mr Jones said: ?I?m determined to take action to tackle any bad practice in the dog breeding industry. We will be bringing forward new legislation to ensure that irresponsible breeding is brought to an end.?

The Kennel Club (KC) welcomed the news. Caroline Kisko, communications director at the KC said: ?We are delighted that the Welsh Assembly is persevering with its commitment to clean up Wales?s somewhat tarnished reputation for dog breeding and are doing so in a considered and adequately informed fashion. Striking a balance to ensure irresponsible breeders are driven out of business while good breeders are still able to operate is absolutely essential to the effectiveness of the new regulations and may take time to perfect. The Kennel Club and Welsh Kennel Club will of course be on hand to offer our guidance and expertise in this area to ensure the best outcome for all.?

The rest of this article appears in 17th August issue of Shooting Times.

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