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Welsh tourism boost for shooting

BASC’s director for Wales, Glynn Cook, told Shooting Times there is a real lack of official support for the sport in Wales: “Angling in Wales, for instance, is highly promoted and is well recognised, but game shooting is not. As a country, Wales has a lot to offer the sporting shooter.”

Mr Cook firmly believes that sporting shooting in Wales deserves the same support and financial backing from the tourism industry that it receives in Scotland, in the form of their Country Sports Tourism Group.

Mr Cook added: “I don’t believe anyone has really ever considered promoting the sport in Wales. It has been missed off the agenda.”

A Visit Wales spokesman said it is understandable why shooting has not taken off to the same degree as in Scotland, however: “The terrain in Wales does not offer the same possibilities as Scotland, nor do we have the managed estates. Therefore, it is understandable that shooting does not seem such a popular pursuit in Wales.”

Barry Henderson, the Countryside Alliance’s regional director for North Wales, agreed with BASC. He feels more should be done: “Wales could develop much further as a niche market with potential to add value to existing shoots.”

The rest of this article will appear in 25 October issue of Shooting Times.