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Why we’re fans of the new Netflix TV series ‘The Crown’

If you want to watch an unbiased view of country sports and shooting on television, then you need to watch this new drama about the Queen and her life.

fly fishing

Matt Smith, playing the Duke of Edinburgh, introduces a young Prince Charles to fly fishing

Settling down to a relaxing evening watching TV, I decided to watch the well-reviewed new drama ‘The Crown’ which is now showing on Neflix. It depicts the Queen’s life, from a young princess climbing trees with her sister, through to the Coronation, her life with the Duke of Edinburgh and her experiences along the way.

Claire Foy is excellent as the young Queen Elizabeth II, ably backed up by Matt Smith (ex Dr Who) as the Duke of Edinburgh.

Claire Foy in Land Rover Defender

The Land Rover Defender plays a starring role

Duck shooting

Early on, there is a pivotal scene when the then King George VI decides to go duck shooting and takes along his son-in-law, the Duke of Edinburgh, for his first outing into the marshes.

The two of them stand by a creek and have an important discussion about the future of the Monarchy – which I’m not going to tell you about because you need to watch the episode yourself.


Shooting scenes historically accurate

However, what is encouraging is that all the shooting scenes have been meticulously researched and put together, and if you want an insight into which guns were used on shoots in the 1950’s and what was worn (which hasn’t changed much in the intervening 60 years to be honest), then you need to get watching.

Shooting is seen an a thoroughly social event, with all the parties involved – the Guns, pickers-up, beaters – not forgetting the gun dogs – all playing an important part.


There are plenty of other country sports scenes – including days fly-fishing, on the grouse moors, pheasant and partridge shooting at Sandringham – and there’s also a scene where the Duke of Edinburgh stands his ground against an aggressive bull-elephant threatening to charge.

It’s all exciting stuff and shows what country people many of the Royal family are.

The Queen setting up a picnic

The Queen setting up a picnic

Queen’s love of the countryside

The Queen is said to have said that if she could have lived her life as she chose, she would like to have been a lady living in the country with lots of horses and dogs. What does come across well in this series is the Queen’s love of the countryside and country pursuits.

So if you’re a country sports lover, then take a look at ‘The Crown’ and see what you think.

Queen Elizabeth in the field

A true countrywoman

The Queen once said that if she had not become Queen she would have liked to be a lady living in…