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Willem Dafoe chooses Deerhunter for new Hollywood film

The Hollywood movie, which hit cinemas in July, takes place in the wilds of Tasmania. Willem Dafoe’s character is a professional hunter, is hired to track down a Tasmanian tiger in the bush.

Willem Dafoe, star of such films as American Psycho and Born on the Fourth of July, wears a a lightweight Deerhunter Telemark jacket and merino wool jersey underwear throughout the movie.

Deerhunter, a family-owned brand recently awarded the Danish Royal Warrant earlier this year, was established in 1985.

It is currently managed by the fourth generation of the Engel family.

“Every movie fan knows that Willem Dafoe always insists on paying attention to every detail, so we are incredibly proud that he chose our clothing,” said Deerhunter director Lars Engel.

“Willem Dafoe is also known for not paying much heed to the commercial side of the film industry, so we are confident that his choice was based solely on the qualities inherent in our hunting wear. Willem Dafoe has personally chosen our products. We were pleased and surprised when he approached us.”

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