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Which is the muddiest 4×4 of the season?

We set our readers a challenge to see who had the muddiest 4x4. Here's what they sent us.

In the depths of winter your 4×4 is a modern day workhorse. It’s expected to sail through fields of mud, coast through swollen rivers – basically take whatever is thrown at it.

Forget Chelsea tractors and 4x4s that never see a speck of dirt. The beasts of burden we’ve featured here are doing exactly what they’ve been bred to do. Taking Guns to a shoot. Transporting gundogs. Carrying gamekeepers’ supplies. Carting hay bales across fords to hungry beasts.

There’s not a school run in sight. (Although a 4×4 could be relied on to get the young brood to school across hill and dale in inclement weather.)

Most of those featured here are in dire need of a wash and brush up but really, that’s just the way we like them. Shows how dependable they are.