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Boots or wellies for airgunning?

Q: I’ve noticed that a lot of airgun shooters wear lace-up boots rather than wellingtons. I’m guessing that’s because they make for lighter footfalls. Is it worth investing in a pair to improve my stealth when trying to stalk within range of skittish rabbits?

wellies in mud

A well-fitting wellington is as good as lace up boots for air gunning

A: The snug fit of lace-ups does tend to mean that they lend themselves well to stalking, and I  sometimes appreciate the extra ankle support when covering long distances, but I don’t regard them as essential. Rubber boots have come a long way over recent years, and fit tends to be good if you opt for a quality brand. I still wear wellies for 90 per cent of my airgun hunting; I don’t think they hinder my stealth to any significant degree and I’m always pleased with my choice when I encounter very wet or muddy ground. MM