This month we’re paying a visit to the Crichel shoot in Dorset for a day’s sport with some inspirational people from Help For Heroes’ shooting programme. The day, which seventh-generation gamekeeper Barry Walker described as one of the best of his entire career, perfectly illustrates the power of shooting to bring people together, no matter what their background or ability. There’s plenty elsewhere in this issue too, including…

Redlegs Spanish style
Martin Puddifer is left astounded following a day’s partridge shooting near Madrid.

Perfectly rounded
Have you fallen in love with round-bodied shotguns yet?

Are you sure this draw isn’t rigged?
Roderick Emery examines the politics surrounding the placement of guns on drives.

If it looks too good to be true…
Why you shouldn’t let your heart rule your head when buying a new gundog.

From up and under to over-under
Five minutes with former Welsh rugby international Ceri Sweeney.

Aye, aye, shoot captain
Iconic English sailor Sir Robin Knox-Johnston is in the hot seat.

Reviews, reviews, reviews
The Browning 725 Hunter UK Premium II, the VW Tiguan and the Arundell Arms in Lifton go under the microscope.