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Wild game and pappardelle ragu recipe

Lee Maycock gives wild game a little extra zest with this pappardelle ragu recipe.

pasta recipes featuring fresh game

Give wild game an extra zest with this unique wild game and pappardelle ragu recipe. This pasta dish, which can be used with any game meat, will serve four people fast.

Pappardelle pasta is traditionally served with rich, heavy sauces that contain game. It’s one of the less popular pastas in the UK, and as such it can be hard to find in many supermarkets. Sainsburys, Ocado and Tesco do stock pappardelle pasta, but supply will vary across the country.

The wide, flat pasta takes its name from the Italian pappare, which means ‘to gobble up’; something you’ll certainly do with this wild game and pappardelle ragu recipe.


400g finely diced game meat
100g finely diced onion & carrot
100g finely diced celery & leek
50g finely diced pumpkin
20g chopped garlic
40g chopped flat parsley
100ml game jus
100ml red wine
100g tomato concasse
200g pappardelle pasta
20ml lemon oil
Cornish sea salt
Milled black pepper

Method for this game cookery recipe

Sear the game in a hot pan and add the onion, garlic, carrot and celery.

Add the pumpkin and leeks, then the tomato concasse.

Pour in the wine and jus and reduce.

Remove from the heat, correct the seasoning and add the chopped parsley.

Cook the pasta in salted water and once al dente, drain and stir in the lemon oil.

Fold the ragu into the cooked pasta and serve.

Shaved parmesan is optional but generally adds to any Italian dish.


In his role as development chef for Game-to-Eat Lee Maycock runs a number of game cookery workshops