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Are pies the ultimate comfort food?

National Pie Day (yes there is such a thing) takes place on 23 January

cranberry top game pies

These cranberry-topped game pies are filled with chunks of venison, pheasant, wild boar and bacon

If you’re in need of comforting food then a home cooked game pie certainly fits the bill. In dark January days (which are darker than ever during these difficult times) making a pie gives you something to concentrate on, something delicious to eat and is an ideal way of using game.

Don’t worry about the pastry side of things. Make your own shortcrust or puff pastry if you’re so inclined, but these days there are some perfectly acceptable pre-rolled pastry options in the chiller cabinets in supermarkets. Although some of the recipes below use mashed potato anyway.

As for the filling, you can always batch cook some fillings and then freeze them for putting in a pie at a later date. All you have to do is defrost, pop in a pie dish, add the pastry topping and you’re done. Brush the pastry with beaten egg or milk and you’ll get a shiny golden glaze, which will make the finished result look very professional.

So here are a list of game pie recipes.  By the way, hungry gun dogs should never eat pies for a very good reason.

1. Cranberry topped game pies 

Perfect for serving as substantial elevenses or to take on a picnic. They look very impressive too.


2. Pheasant crumble pie

Okay, so it’s not strictly a pie. But it does have a delicious topping. This delicious recipe was sent in by a reader and it’s one of the most popular recipes we’ve published.

3. Venison pie

Every self-respecting shooter should know how to make a venison pie.

4. Hare pie with sweet potato, carrots and cabbage

Ever tried hare?

5. Gamekeeper’s pie 

Like shepherd’s or cottage pie, but this one is inspired by gamekeepers.

6. Rabbit pie

Is this the perfect recipe?

7. Two recipes for pheasant pies

Pheasant prepared in two different ways

8. Duck pie

Wild duck is just so delicious cooked like this

9. Humble pie 

Time to eat it?