rabbit recipe

A slow cooked rabbit stew

Rabbit is free range, available almost everywhere and delicious. It’s a very lean meat, which means it is prone to drying out, but whether you choose a faster recipe involving cuts of rabbit or decide to cook the meat more slowly, these rabbit recipes will help you keep the meat moist. Always remember that wild is best; farmed rabbits lack the depth of flavour that makes this such a tasty game meat.

You can cook rabbits in a pie, over with sauce, slow cook in a casserole or roast over a barbecue. It’s a very versatile meat.

Here are some delicious rabbit recipes to try out when you’re back from a spot of walked-up shooting with a brace for the pot.

Do small rabbits taste better than larger ones?

Q: I recently shot a few rabbits and gave a few of the smaller ones away, keeping the larger ones for myself. I think this may have been a mistakes because the ones I cooked were strong in flavour and very tough. Can you advise?

A: You are right. It is tempting to give away the bigger, tougher, older and more robustly flavoured bunnies and keep the smaller, sweeter, more tender ones for yourself. But it is worth looking at older, male , tougher and stronger flavoured rabbits and working out a better way to deal with them.

First remove the dark grey/browning glands from beside the tail – that will lessen the overall odour of dominant male rabbit. Then cook them low and slow with the addition of some sort of fat and almost always with some spice as well to help balance the accounts.

rabbit liver pâté

Tuscan style rabbit liver pate

I love rural Italian cuisine and this recipe for rabbit liver pâté 
is the perfect example of how it is so simple, but has to be just right. Learn to…

Rabbit pie

The perfect recipe for rabbit pie

Ingredients: For the pastry: 200ml water 170g lard 450g PLAIN flour 1tsp salt For the filling: A little oil 1 onion, sliced 3 cloves of garlic, crushed 500g pork mince…

Rabbit haggis Burns night recipe

Recipe for Burns Night – rabbit haggis

Rabbit roulade, rabbit haggis, barley, carrot and winter mushroom Serves 4 Ingredients 2 whole rabbit* 200g barley soaked overnight in cold water 3 garlic cloves 2 sprigs rosemary 2 sprigs…

confit rabbit

Confit rabbit and blackberry salad

Why isn’t rabbit more popular? And why do we so often see rabbit on the menu that has been farmed on the Continent? This tasty interloper is an easy win at harvest time but what…

Slow-cooked rabbit and carrots, three ways

Over the centuries, wild rabbit meat has gone in and out of fashion for various reasons, but now it’s making a bit of a renaissance — and with good reason: it’s…

rabbit with pasta

Rabbit with freshly made pasta

Ingredients Meat from rabbit legs A good strong Cheddar cheese A little local cider Garlic Sage   Freshly made pasta Ingredients 100g of white spelt flour per person 1 egg,…

rabbit with wild garlic

Wild garlic and rabbit crumble

You don’t have to be an expert chef to create this elegant dish based on wild rabbit. Wrapping the loins in pancetta not only gives added taste, it also keeps…

rabbit pasta

Rabbit pasta

Spring is a good time to shoot bunnies, so what could be a more fitting dish than this simple and delicious recipe for rabbit?