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Recipe for Pigeon Pitta from Eat Wild

We're looking forward to watching brothers Will and Calum Thompson of Eat Wild giving demonstrations in the Game Cooking Theatre at the Field & Country Fair in June. In the meantime, here's one of their recipes to try - and they say it's so easy you can make it in a pigeon hide!

Will and Calum Thompson of Eat Wild

Will and Calum Thompson of Eat Wild

Pigeon Pitta

Pigeon Pitta


Baby leaf salad

Pitta bread

Chunk of local black pudding

Two rashers of streaky local bacon

Two fresh pigeon breasts

Small handful of pumpkin seeds

Local rapeseed oil



  1. Crumble the black pudding into a hot, dry frying pan and once it starts cooking add your bacon.
  2. Turn your bacon regularly to allow it to go really crispy and coloured.
  3. Once the bacon and black pudding is nice and crispy, add to a bowl with the baby leaf salad.
  4. Tear the bacon into little pieces and crumble the black pudding even more. Add pumpkin seeds raw or toasted depending on preference. Set aside.
  5. Add both your pigeon breasts to the smoking hot pan and cook for roughly a minute and a half each side. Once cooked transfer to a chopping board to rest. Once rested for a few minutes slice on the oblique and toss all ingredients in the bowl. Dress with rapeseed oil.


The brothers run Eat Wild in Cirencester and observe the traditional ethos of fieldsports while presenting cookery with a modern slant.

You can book tickets for the Field & Country Fair in June here.