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Fierce Edge 7mm-08 stalking rifle – it’s a lot of gun for the money

I am more than a little interested in custom rifles both in their appearance and more so for the sheer performance a handbuilt rifle gives you. Sadly, these days a true custom will cost the earth but I have tested three new Fierce rifles (including this Fierce Edge 7mm-08 stalking rifle) from Canada now and…


Beretta BRX1 stalking rifle

Beretta is well known for its shotguns, pistols and military arms, having produced firearms since 1526. But other than the Sako brand under the Beretta umbrella, sporting rifles are something of a new direction for the company, so I was keen to see how its vast firearms experience would cross over into a hunting rifle….


Our Rating: 94%

Merkel Helix Speedster – for all types of stalking

Straight-pull rifles are becoming more popular as their ability to offer a super-fast cycling rate with a short and effortless bolt-action design is appealing. German firm Merkel has had good success with its version of this genre in the Helix system, and the Merkel Helix Speedster model embodies all the benefits of a straight pull…


Our Rating: 87%

Benelli Lupo .308 stalking rifle

I have a high regard for the Italian firearms maker Benelli as its shotguns always buck the trend and it follows its own path in design and handling concepts. The 828U over-and-under shotgun is an eye-catcher, as are the famed Benelli semi-automatics. Now Benelli has designed its first bolt-action rifle, the Benelli Lupo, and it’s…


Our Rating: 90%

Sauer 100 Pantera .308 stalking rifle

Designed as a compact, longer-range, fast-handling rifle, the Pantera — from Sauer’s Model 100 series — is equally good in the field. The manufacturer’s Model 100 rifles range from walnut-stocked classic to laminate, synthetic and camo-clad variants, but the one on test was the dual-role Pantera in .308 Win, which doubles as a compact tactical…


Our Rating: 90%

Franchi Horizon stalking rifle

With the short days you have a only small window of opportunity before the fallow feeding on the fields disappear into the woods. Get there early, stumble to the field margins quietly and hopefully, as the light improves, you will have a chance. 
The trouble is the fallow are wise to this now, so the…


Our Rating: 85%

Remington AWR stalking rifle

I decided to try out the Remington American Wilderness Rifle (AWR) while roe stalking in Scotland, and in Argyll at this time of year you can usually count on one of two things — that it is midge ridden or blowing a hoolie with rain. Guess what? The temperature was 26°C with light winds to…


Our Rating: 87%

Custom deer stalking rifle review

Custom building a deer stalking rifle allows you to tailor it to your exact needs. Here we start with the bare bones of rifle and cartridge.

Gun reviews: Steyr SM12 stalking rifle

Gun reviews: Steyr SM12 stalking rifle: Bruce Potts is taken with a gun that combines a traditional appearance and modern technology.

Remington 770 stalking rifle review

Remington 770 stalking rifle: The Remington 770 is an accurate and good all-rounder for a budget stalking rifle.