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ATA Arms SP Silver

Overall the ATA Arms SP Silver is not a bad gun, especially when one considers the price

ATA Arms SP Silver

ATA Arms SP Silver

Manufacturer: ATA

Price as reviewed: £495

The ATA Arms SP Silver is based on Beretta’s 686 series of guns. Although it is plain, with no engraving apart from the maker’s name on the action, it certainly looks the part and I’m sure if Beretta sold a similarly plain gun it would sell well.

ATA Arms were established in the 1960s and are based in Istanbul. For very little money you will get a very flexible gun.

Though primarily a 12-bore, you can fit 20-bore barrels onto the same receiver. It has a single selective trigger, 3″ Magnum chambers and can be had with 24″, 26″, 28″ or 30″ barrels, all with multi-chokes.

Wood to metal fit is fine for the price but build quality is generally not of the standard of a Beretta or similar. But then you are only paying a third of the price.

The wood used is not of the highest quality, feeling almost synthetic on the fore-end, but you can select higher grades of wood which drastically improve the gun’s overall looks.

The butt plate is made of hard plastic, but this could easily be replaced, and the checkering is good.

The action can be a little sticky, but a good gunsmith should be able to ease any problems.

It would seem they had some problems balancing the ATA Arms SP Silver since there is only a small length of rib between the barrels at the muzzle end.

Indeed, the weight of the gun is towards the front hand though of course this can be favourable in handling terms for ensuring a good swing.

Otherwise it comes to the shoulder and handles well. Overall the ATA Arms SP Silver is not a bad gun, especially when one considers the price.