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Beretta 687 Diamond Pigeon shotgun review

Beretta 687 Diamond Pigeon shotgun

Beretta 687 Diamond Pigeon shotgun review

Manufacturer: Beretta

Beretta 687 Diamond Pigeon shotgun: The confusion has come about because some people think that the Diamond Pigeon and Beretta’s famous EELL series are separate and different guns.

Well, I’m sorry to have to disappoint you if that’s what you thought but these two are actually one and the same!

In spite of this case of mistaken identity it’s still well worth taking a look at the Diamond Pigeon because it is, after all, such a well put together specimen.

The obvious change made here is to the engraving which now falls in line with the EELL game model. As you can see, the action frame and sideplates have been treated to a lovely helping of game scene engraving – the right sideplate sports pheasants while its opposite number carries woodcock.

Beretta shotgun

Both are beautifully executed. The belly of the action shows another woodcock and the whole lot is then framed by a full covering of scroll engraving that really catches the eye.

The test gun here has 30in barrels but you can also take your pick of 28 or 32in as well. In fact, while I remember, there’s also a version of this Sporter that comes with just scroll engraving, but it’s only available, for some unknown reason, on guns with 30 in barrels.

Regardless of barrel length the ventilated top rib on all guns tapers from 10mm at the breech to 8mm at the muzzle, making the gun extremely pointable.

The side ribs, which finish just inside the cover of the fore-end, are also ventilated to both keep weight down as well as maximise cooling. The chrome lined bores of the Sporter are built on the Beretta Optima system with a diameter of 18.6mm and chambered for 3in cartridges.

 Beretta shotgun

A set of five flush-fitting Optima choke tubes are supplied with each gun along with three foresight beads – one white, the other two red.

The adjustable curved trigger blade is more suited to a right handed Shot but a straight blade trigger can be fitted and left handers can also pick a stock that’s properly cast for their shoulder.

As you would expect with an EELL the woodwork on the Diamond Grade is of a very high standard with a highly figured piece of oiled walnut and fore-end that match well for colour.

 Beretta shotgun

Chequer patterns are traditional, very fine and neatly cut and finish with points rather than rounded bordered patterns as is often the case with re-vamped models.

The butt finishes with a 3/4in rubber recoil pad to give a total stock length to centre of 14.3/4in.

If you want to lengthen the stock then you can fit an appropriate pad – Beretta make a large range of interchangeable pads so that the buyer can fine-tune the fit.

Drops at heel and toe are 2.1/4in and 1.1/2in respectively.

 Beretta shotgun

Overall weight of the gun is 7lb 14oz and each comes supplied in a lined ABS case with chokes, spare foresights, trigger and a stock key.


Even though the price of the EELL has gone up considerably recently because of the Euro this gun still represents very good value for money.

It’s a Sporter of excellent quality, handles beautifully, looks great and wouldn’t look out of place on a game shoot.

Build Quality 9

Handling 9

Styling 9

Value for money 8



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