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Taking a look at ammunition for vermin

Keeping vermin in check is part of managing land correctly


Taking a look at ammunition for vermin

As responsible shooters we need to ensure that predators such as rats, foxes, stoats, crows and magpies are despatched swiftly and humanely, using the best vermin ammunition for the purpose.

Best vermin ammunition for corvids

If conservation groups were more aware of the damage magpies did, then our countryside would be a better place. Magpies are ruthless chick stealers and will take eggs in the blink of an eye. Both gamebirds and songbirds are suffering due to the proliferation of magpies.

The problem with controlling magpies is getting within range.

Lyalvale Express Super Game Cartridges

Useful for destroying corvid nests

For a magpie,  any 30 or 32gm load of No. 6 shot will be ideal. Any No 6 load will do the job so any normal ‘pigeon’ cartridge will suffice. Carrion crows are likewise ruthless killers, but take a bit more. They are a larger and tougher bird than the magpie, so choose a 32gm load with 5 shot. Gamebore’s Super Game High Bird in 5 shot being an ideal candidate. Also try the Hull Special Pigeon Shotgun Cartridge in 32gm.

You will also need to destroy the corvid’s nests, otherwise more will move in and take up residence. Magpie and crow nests are solid structures and take some beating, so use heavy loads to blast through the mass of twigs, destroying any eggs or chicks that might be at home – 36gms of 3 shot is ideal for this job and it may take several shots. Try the Lyalvale Express Super Game in 36gm

Both birds build extremely strong nests and even with a heavy load you will need a few shots to destroy the nests and their contents.

The adults are persistent, so keep an eye out for nest repairs and rebuilds and keep going.

rat feeding from grain

Rats are likely to be a problem around nesting sheds

Best vermin ammunition for rats

Inside barns and rearing sheds for nesting birds, rats are likely to be a problem.

A useful solution is the Eley Hawk two-inch .410.

Eley Hushpower

Best vermin ammunition for keeping the noise down

If you want to carry out your pest control discreetly and are concerned about noise, then investigate subsonic loads. Of course, there will be less recoil too.

In 12-bore try the Eley Hushpower in a 32gm fibre 6 shot.


ammunition for vermin control

In 20-bore, there is a cracking load from Gamebore available in 30gm fibre 5 shot.