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Bettinsoli Sporter shotgun review

Bettinsoli Sporter shotgun review

Manufacturer: Bettinsoli

Bettinsoli Sporter shotgun: Mechanically the gun follows the style of previous models but now it carries a new trigger that is shaped in the style of a Perazzi. It fits the finger extremely well and allows the shooter to get a far better perception and ‘feel’ for the trigger pulls.

This Bettinsoli has been fitted with a new thin-walled multichoke system, with extended choke tubes that both look good and are extremely easy to change. The added benefit of the longer tubes is that they help create better patterns and also improve the gun’s pointability.

The latest Sporter has passed special steel proof which means it can be used with all steel shot cartridges up to its chamber length – in this case, 3in. Because of proof requirements the choke tubes have been redesigned slightly to cope with the extra hard pellets. The change also means they will not fit guns from this maker which haven’t passed special proof.

As a follow on from this, all Bettinsoli shotguns now being distributed by main importer, Ruag Ammotec, will meet special steel shot proof requirements.

The barrels have been bored to standard internal dimensions and then chrome-lined for durability and easy cleaning.

“The exterior blacking, I have to say, has been done to a very high standard and the black is of real quality.”

To finish off, the barrels have been fitted with a ventilated top rib that tapers from 11mm at the breech to 7mm at the muzzle. The side ribs are also ventilated.

Bettinsoli’s usual engraving pattern has been replaced with a covering of bold scroll work, which is almost carved in relief on a matt grey background. The base of the action carries the maker’s name and a gold clay pigeon that I prefer to think of as a medallion.

The action frame has been re-sculptured with a carved channel that runs forward from below the fences. But the ‘new look’ doesn’t stop there. The stock has also been redesigned with drops at comb and heel of 1.1/2in and 2.1/4in respectively. Length is 14.1/2in and the stock is finished with an 11mm pad. Each gun comes supplied with a 17mm pad as well as the screwdriver to change it so you can increase the length to suit. A 25mm pad is available as an extra.

The gun is cast for the right hander as standard, but left hand stocks are available as are stocks with an adjustable comb. The wood on this test gun was nicely figured with an oil finish and cut with a good chequer pattern offering plenty of grip.

As with most Sporters the pistol grip is quite large and fills the hand well, giving a comfortable reach to the trigger. The Schnabel fore-end is nicely shaped with a discreet beak and sits in the hand nicely.

“Overall weight is around 7.1/4 lb – quite light compared to most Sporters, but it is one of the factors that allows the gun to handle well.”

This gun can be used for game or rough shooting, and still be manageable after a long lunch!

This gun comes supplied with a set of five choke tubes and an ABS case.


Overall this is a good gun from Bettinsoli. It offers all the features of guns around twice its price of £850 – and this alone means it has to be one of the best value for money Sporters on the market at the moment.



MORE DETAILS: From the importers and distributors, Ruag Ammotec, Liskeard, Cornwall on 01579 362319 or email [email protected]

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