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Blaser F3 Professional shotgun review

Continual research and development into what serious clay and game shooters want in a gun has resulted in the exciting Blaser Professional – a more refined and improved version of the original F3.

Blaser F3 Professional

Overall Rating: 89%

Manufacturer: Blaser

Pros: Good value

Price as reviewed: £4,559

Cons: Price has increased

Although the distributorship of this German-built shotgun has recently changed to Open Season Ltd, much of the development work for the Professional was done by its previous distributor, Alan Rhone – a point readily conceded at Open Season.

Blaser F3 Professional shotgun.

The mechanical chassis of the F3 has been around for a few years now and while it is a well thought out design, little problems and niggles have surfaced from time to time.

To Blaser’s credit these hiccups haven’t been ignored.

As  good as it can possibly be

Where improvements to the gun have been identified, re-modified parts have been made so that the gun is now as good as it can possibly be.

Blaser F3 Professional shotgun.

Make no bones about it, the quality of engineering within the gun is superb.

The Professional comes with a choice of 30 or 32in barrels proofed for special steel shot proof, as have the five colour coded extended Briley Spectrum choke tubes supplied with every gun.

A big range of other tubes including flush fitting versions – can be bought.

Blaser F3 Professional shotgun.

A stock weight adjuster is standard in the Professional, as is a barrel weight set that allows the owner to fine tune the balance of his gun to his exact needs.

Because of this facility the gun handles extremely well and with a great deal of precision. What’s more, the balance belies the weight of the gun which is a touch over 8lb 2 oz.

Blaser F3 Professional shotgun.

The Professional is somewhat easier to load than other over-unders because the extra length of the action frame creates a good gape when the gun is open. The whole package comes in a solidly made travel case that’s well up to accepted airline standards.

Stock length is 14.5/8in, including a slim Sporting pad with a hard heel to reduce snagging during mounting.

Drop at heel is 2.1/8in and 1.1/2in at comb. However you can also choose from two other options  1.5/8in/2.1/4in and 1.1/2in/1.7/8in.

Stock is cast off for the right-hander 6mm (1/4in) at heel and 8mm at toe.

Left hand stocks are available as are guns with a left hand opening top lever.

Build Quality 23/25

Handling 22/25

Styling 23/25

Value for money 21/25


It has been said the F3 has increased in price dramatically since it appeared on the market just a few years ago.

It certainly has gone up but so too have all imported guns thanks to the strength of the Euro against the pound.

In my book the Professional represents good value – a wood upgrade of this kind adds around £700 to the offer and the travel case it’s supplied in would cost around £250 if you bought it separately.

I would say that if you’re serious about your sport then the Professional is a good package to go for. It’s a quality product.

Blaser F3 Professional shotgun

Around £4,500

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A quality product