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Blazer F3 Professional shotgun review

Blazer F3 Professional shotgun review

Manufacturer: Blaser

Blazer F3 Professional shotgun: Blaser shotguns hit the UK market four years ago, since then there has been a constant programme of subtle development and improvement to make the gun the best it can be.

This process really stepped up a gear 18 months ago when the Blaser distributorship was taken on by Alan Rhone Service.

Alan pinpointed a number of issues that needed to be addressed, so under his direction the makers set about making the modifications.

The result is the F3 Professional Sporter.

– A change of angle to the bottom bite to prevent the top lever sticking.

– New stock style and dimensions to suit British shooters. The previous drops of 1.1/2in and 2in have been increased fractionally because the earlier measurements were too low for many.

– The palm swell has been reduced and the grip radius tightened a little to provide a very positive grip and excellent control.

– The schnabel fore-end has been replaced by a much nicer London pattern forearm both in terms of looks and practicality.

– The barrel interior is much improved as previously the rib posts were visible inside the bore of some guns.

Blaser f3 pro trigger.

– The tube to mono-block joint has been altered to overcome a rust problem in that area.

– There have been multiple changes to sears, firing pins, cocking levers and ejector trips to give greater reliability, improved strike weight and more consistent trigger pulls. The latter have been phased in over the past year and have been well tried and tested.

– All competition barrels now have a weight mounting block under the fore end so that the buyer can balance the gun exactly as he wishes.

The Professional comes with 32in barrels, a Class 5 wood upgrade, five extended Spectrum chokes, choke box and the complete set of barrel weights along with a well appointed F3 ABS travel case.

Blazer F3 Pro weights.

However there’s also competition model available in standard configuration with five flush chokes, Class 2 wood and the normal hard case. Barrel weights are an optional extra.

While the action frame is now blacked the barrels continue to be chrome lined and barrel selection for the second shot is still achieved mechanically so it will work perfectly with the lightest cartridges. The neatly tapered top rib aids pointability and the new gun’s stock length is 14.1/2in.

However stocks can be made to individual requirements.

Each Professional comes in a very high quality ABS travel case with accessories which include stock key, extended Spectrum choke tubes, choke key, grease, high-viz sights and barrel weights.

Blaser f3 pro carry case.

Game shooters haven’t been forgotten here – a few weeks from now a new game stock is being released with a much more open radius on the grip, no palm swell and a hard heel plate.


I’ve always liked Blaser guns – totally different inside to anything else out there, and great value for money.

The price of the Professional has crept up quite a bit because of the strength of the Euro, but in view of all the improvements that have been made it’s a very sound buy.



Build quality: 9

Handling: 9

Styling: 10

Value for money: 8

Contact: Alan Rhone Ltd.
Tel: 01978 660001
Email: [email protected]