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Caesar Guerini Maxum shotgun review

Caesar Guerini Maxum shotgun review

Caesar Guerini Maxum shotgun review.
How right I was!

Since then this Italian maker has cemented his reputation here for producing very good guns at very affordable prices.

Best of all you can now choose from an even bigger range covering all the shooting sports and clay disciplines.

Guerini Maxum shotgun

One of the most popular for Sporting is the Maxum which not only balances and handles superbly well but comes in a wide variety of barrel lengths ranging from 28in right up to a whopping – yet very manageable – 34in.

The Maxum looks good on the outside thanks to its beautifully engraved sideplates and gorgeous deep gloss black barrels.

Guerini Maxum shotgun

Strip the gun down and you will find the same standards apply to the internal workings as well.

The inertia trigger mechanism and other moving parts have been properly hardened and finished to give both durability and reliability.

Guerini Maxum shotgun

Okay, the inner design pretty well follows the usual Italian pattern with sears that suspend above the hammers but look closely and you will find they also sport a double bent.

This has been cut into the sears so that the hammer can be caught should it fall for any reason other than the trigger being pulled (ie if the gun should be dropped by accident.)

Guerini Maxum shotgun

For added safety the makers have fitted a disconnector that takes the selector away from the sears as soon as the gun is opened.

The monoblock barrels with 2.3/4in chambers are straight, have been struck off properly and bored with long forcing cones to both help reduce recoil and improve the gun’s patterning qualities.

Guerini Maxum shotgun

As you can see from the photographs here the top and side ribs are both ventilated to improve cooling and reduce overall weight.

The barrels with their parallel 10mm top rib hinge on replaceable stub pins, a set up that helps the maker keep the action depth as shallow as possible and in the process improve the gun’s handling dynamics.

Guerini Maxum shotgun

The nicely figured stock has a 14.3/4in length of pull with drops at comb and heel of 1.1/2in and 2.1/4in respectively, dimensions that should suit most shooters in the UK.

The gun’s weight depends on the barrel length you choose but as a guide the 30in version I’ve been looking at tips the scales at 7lb 14oz.

“I liked the look of this gun when I first saw it a few years back and nothing has happened to change my mind; the Maxum’s well made, hand finished and balances really well. It’s also a pleasure to shoot with.”

Guerini Maxum shotgun scores

Caesar Guerini Maxum shotgun


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