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Fabarm Elos shotgun review

Fabarm Elos shotgun review

Manufacturer: Fabarm

Fabarm Elos shotgun review.
The Elos is a new Sporter from Fabarm aimed – if price is anything to go by – at the first time buyer, but it’s such a nicely built gun I can also see it appealing to a much wider audience.

Mechanically speaking the Elos is very sound with hammers fitted to the bottom of the frame and the sears suspended above in the Browning style.

Fabarm Elos shotgun

Previous Fabarms have not always had the crispest of trigger pulls but this has been addressed and rectified here by moving the pivot point of the sears.

The repositioning work has created shorter trigger pulls because the sears do not have to be lifted as far to release the hammer.

Other improvements include the addition of a second bent to intercept a falling hammer should the gun be jarred or dropped accidentally.

And the new design also sees the sear lifter being disengaged when the top lever is pushed across – a safety feature that prevents any chance of the gun being fired while being opened.

Fabarm Elos shotgun engraving

The trigger is adjustable for length for maximum comfort and has eight different positions to choose from. The gun I’ve been trying has 30in monoblock barrels but you can also take your pick of 26 or 28in versions – each fitted with extended stainless steel multichokes and 3in magnum chambers proofed to special steel level.

In fact the Elos is proofed to 1630 bar, an incredibly high level for any 12-bore.

Internal barrel diameter is 18.7mm and the tubes have been shaped to Fabarm’s proven Tribore system – a profile that improves shot string and pattern quality.

Fabarm Elos shotgun details

The barrel set is then finished off with a matt, tapered, ventilated top rib that helps aid pointability and ventilated side ribs to both reduce weight and maximise cooling.

A small fluorescent red strip sight sits at the muzzle. The spring-loaded ejector work has also been improved.

Past Fabarms had a sort of wing affair that came to bear on the hammer as it was being re-cocked by a rod running through the action floor. This has now been replaced by a rod with a smaller head and tapered surface that pushes away when the hammer falls.

Fabarm Elos shotgun details

The rod is picked up and pushed forward when the gun is cocked – a format used very successfully over the years by Browning.

Another really useful feature is the provision of a small block in the fore-end iron that can be replaced when necessary to ensure the fore-end stays a good snug fit with the knuckle of the action.

» Barrel set hinges on replaceable stub pins (trunnions) set into the side walls of the action.
» Lock up is achieved through a full width bolt in the bottom of the action fitting into a substantial bite in the barrel’s rear lump.
» Easy to operate non automatic safety catch and barrel selector button.
» Matt silver finish to the action with simple, effective, scroll engraving.
» All other furniture – top lever, fore-end iron, trigger plate and safety catch – have been finished in matt black for contrast.
» Weight 7.3/4lb.
» Nice oiled finish with a good figure considering the price of the gun.
» Traditional chequering pattern cut by machine, not hand.
» Slim pistol grip and fore-end wood.
» Stock length 14.3/4in (including 1 in thick butt pad); drop at comb and heel 1.1/2in and 2.1/4in respectively

I’ve got to say that this is a very good gun for the money and should prove a very popular buy here in the UK.

Fabarm guns have been available here for quite a number of years and perhaps they are not seen as often as they should be – I think the Elos will help raise the company’s profile.

Build Quality 22/25

Handling 20/25

Styling 22/25

Value for money 23/25




Viking Arms,
North Yorkshire,

Tel: 01423 780810

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