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Fausti Class RDX

Fausti is returning to the international shooting arena with the RDX - a prestigious new game gun. David Turner puts it through its paces.

Fausti Class RDX

Fausti Class RDX

Manufacturer: Fausti

Price as reviewed: £4,550

Having been asked to test this new gun, I was a little surprised to open the case and find a 20-bore and not a 12-bore as expected. However, it was a delight to handle — 
a fine example of what the Italian gun makers do so well; a slim, elegant and 
very classy new model. This gun blends tradition with new technology to produce 
a fabulous new game gun.

Weighing in at 6.3lb, it has the balance and “feel” that give the impression of a much lighter gun. It would suit a woman, young person, or someone wanting a great gun for walked-up shooting. The RDX is clearly a shotgun of unparalleled quality and elegance. Unique looks combined with Italian breeding and class makes the RDX something a little bit special.

Strength and reliability

Its new, slim and low-profile round body action has been totally redesigned in lines and dimensions by Fausti to give this model not only the line of a “best” shotgun, but also strength and reliability that is second to none.

The new round body action is machined from a solid piece of forged steel, hardened and tempered and features the patented “Four Lock” mechanism. The stock is select walnut and comes with a classic round pistol grip, rubber recoil pad and an innovative chequering pattern with a deep ornamental scroll pattern laser engraved 
at Atelier Cellini.

Fausti Italyco

Fausti Italyco tested by Sporting Gun

When I received the email from Tony Laughton from Stag Country Sports, importers of Fausti guns here in 
the UK,…


Our rating:  92%

Shooting impressions

Shooting it was a joy. Being used to 
a somewhat larger and heavier 12-bore, 
I found it to be very fast handling and lively, which took a bit getting used to. That’s to be expected with this calibre and type.

In terms of functionality, it worked flawlessly with beautiful clean, crisp trigger pulls and cartridge ejection to die for. So many guns can have “lazy” and tired ejectors even when new. I once owned 
a high-value Italian 20-bore that suffered with this and I never did like it. With 24g Hull Pro 20s the recoil wasn’t at all noticeable; however, using a 28g load the recoil was a little sharper.

In its class it is indisputably a beautiful gun and would hold its own when compared with many others of the same type and quality. The Prince of Wales grip and round body action really appealed to me. Its clean, smooth and top-quality functionality straight out of the box — when many guns are so tight and stiff — will assure anyone who buys this model that 
it has been engineered with care.

What I didn’t care for

Not much really, but as a self-confessed “timber tart” I found the straight grain nature of the woodwork not to my taste because I have always favoured the rather more figured type. But that said, it is, of course, a subjective criticism and a straight grain stock is arguably stronger.


  • The RDX is available in all standard calibres from 12 to 20, 16, 28 and .410 bore.
  • Every gun is built on a dedicated frame scaled to the calibre, with the exception of the .410 built on a 28-bore action.
  • The RDX comes standard with traditional colour case hardening or ‘coin’ finish, single selective trigger, ejectors and a set of 5 interchangeable choke tubes.

More information

Stag Country Sports

Tech specs

  • TYPE:          Over-and-under
  • CALIBRE:    20-bore
  • BARRELS:  30in
  • CHOKES:    interchangeable multichoke – IC & M
  • ACTION:      Round body, boxlock – coin finish.
  • TRIGGER:  Single selectable, automatic ejectors
  • STOCK:      Pistol grip, Prince of Wales
  • FORE-END:    Splinter
  • ENGRAVING: Laser Fine scroll
  • LENGTH OF PULL: 14½in
  • DROP AT COMB:      1½in
  • DROP AT HEEL:      2¼in
  • WEIGHT: 6 lbs


A shotgun of unparalleled quality