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Fausti Italyco tested by Sporting Gun

The Fausti may be a considerable investment, but when compared to similar products it isn't a ridiculous one

Fausti Italyco

Fausti Italyco

Overall Rating: 92%

Manufacturer: Fausti

Price as reviewed: £12,000

When I received the email from Tony Laughton from Stag Country Sports, importers of Fausti guns here in 
the UK, I was quite excited because 
I hadn’t seen much of Fausti for a while.

I know it had been doing quite a bit of collaborative work because it teamed up with Sauer on the Apollon and Artemis projects, with great results, at the back 
end of 2016 and early 2017.

I wasn’t sure what to expect other than there was “something nice” in the post, especially as Fausti effectively covers all budget ranges of shotguns. Well, after last month’s Rizzini, I thought I had reached 
my quota of what I term “posh guns” 
for this year. Oh how wrong was I! 
I think I have just found the present 
to top my Christmas list…

Fausti Italyco SLX

Fausti Italyco SLX

In terms of exotic exports of luxury goods, it would be fair to say Italy has something of a stranglehold on the global consciousness.…


Our rating:  82%


Fausti, as a company, has been manufacturing both sporting and competition arms since its formation by Stefano Fausti in 1948.

Nowadays, the company is run by his three daughters, Elena, Giovanna and Barbara. The 
company prides itself on its family ethics and by working with the most up-to date CNC technology it is able to produce 
world-class weapons.

Fausti’s boutique catalogue showcases some of the company’s nicest work – all guns in this line are hand-finished and engraved with the artist’s signature.

Fausti Italyco barrels

The 28in monobloc barrels are nicely finished with gloss blueing

First looks

  • I was sent the Italyco SLX Theme 1, in 20-bore, to take a look at.
  • The guns are available in a variety of combinations from 12-bore to .410, with barrel lengths of 28in 30in and 32in, fixed or multi-chokes with standard or adjustable stock, as well as a rifled barrel version in a number of calibres.
  • With prices ranging from £12,000 to £14,000, it’s a significant investment. However, when you consider the workmanship and compare it to several other makers of similar quality – the investment isn’t a ridiculous one.
  • The 28in monoblock barrels have been nicely finished with gloss blueing and engine turned barrel flats.
  • The game gun I tested came with a 6mm rib, finished nicely with a standard brass bead.
  • The gun has 3in chambers with steel shot safe barrels and standard flush fit multi-choked tubes.
  • The action and furniture were what set the gun apart for me. The Turkish grade 4A walnut was really nice. Lots of figuring throughout.
  • It was nicely balanced on both sides of the stock.
  • Both stock and fore-end were from the same piece of timber.
Fausti Italyco engraving

The engraving combines with the scrollwork nicely

Attention to detail

The hand-engraving was beautifully finished with a pair of sparring cock pheasants on one side and a pair of flighting grouse on the other, this, combined with the scrollwork, was really well-balanced. I found that the overall detail was incredible down to the screws on top of the action.

Fausti Italyco

Both the stock and fore-end are from the same piece of timber

The fit and function of all the wood-to-metal faces on the stock and action were as you would expect from a hand-finished gun. Smooth throughout, no sign of burr, slip of tool or poorly finished piece. The fore-end was finished beautifully with the inside being as well finished as the outside, which as you know is not always the case with less-expensive guns. I was particularly taken by the engraved tips to the heel and toe of the butt pad – nothing overly extravagant, just really nicely designed and well thought out.

Testing the Fausti Italyco

I was almost a little scared to test it out in case I dropped it, but needs must and the boss needs his report. So, off I went! It handled very nicely and came to the shoulder well, although for me a little high in the comb. It worked as well as everything should do and the only real fault in the shooting laid with me. I was inconsistent with crossers, but I think that was due to the comb. When I concentrated and forced my head down on to the stock I did well. I also did well on driven birds – I’m sure that was down to the fact that as the bird was coming at me at speed I tended to mount the gun and push my face into the stock tighter, giving better results.

Importers: Stag Country Sports 


A beautifully made and well-designed shotgun, which would grace any drive or moor in the country. The gun is hand-finished and signed by the engraver, with beautiful wood, costing a lot less than some of the other makers. I have been impressed with Fausti’s products over the last few years, and it’s good to see a manufacturer taking on the bigger names and getting the job done well.



A beautifully made and well-designed shotgun, which would grace any drive or moor in the country.