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Huglu .410 over-under shotgun review

Huglu .410 over-under shotgun review

Huglu .410 over-under shotgun.
A number of Turkish gunmakers are now making in-roads into the British market but one of the first was Huglu with its range of no nonsense guns built for a purpose but with commendable looks.

And very good value for money as well.

All these traits are evident in this month’s review gun – an eye catching little .410 over-under non-ejector.

It’s a conventional trigger plate cum-boxlock type but with the addition of sideplates and border line engraving on the action frame to enhance its looks.

The colour hardened action frame has border line engraving with a little bit of scroll work.

First impressions are that this is a solid little gun with a steel action that is properly scaled down to .410.

While the action adds a little bit of weight to this small bore gun it does so in a very positive way; it helps the gun ride recoil well and to swing easily.

In fact, with so much metal at the muzzle end it almost reminds me of a double rifle!

It might sound obvious to say that the barrel bores are straight and round, but this is not always the case with any gun – and particularly .410s.

The smaller the bore size, the harder it is to keep the bores round throughout their length but Huglu have done a very good job on this one, especially when we consider its price.

The 28in monoblock barrels have been chambered for 3in (76mm) cartridges and subjected to superior magnum proof, chokes are approximately three quarters and full, and the top and side ribs are ventilated. 

The lock-up is very strong thanks to the use of a full width bolt and bites on lumps that come through the action floor to give a large surface area of circle.

Look inside and you will find a simple, robust mechanism powered by coil springs with hammers pivoting at the bottom and sears hung from above.

The ‘gubbins’ are lightly set so that the trigger will work in the same way as a mechanical mechanism; in other words it is not dependent on recoil to re-set for the second shot – a real plus where .410s are concerned because the cartridges, generally, produce very little recoil.

I wouldn’t say it’s an advantage to be a non-ejector, but then it isn’t a disadvantage either because .410s can prove troublesome ejectors because the cartridges are relatively small compared to their length.

This, coupled with the higher pressures on cases, often leads to problems.

Wood quality is very decent considering the price of this gun but then, as most of the walnut for gunstocks is now grown in Turkey anyway, you would expect gunmakers there to get the pick of the crop!

Considering its excellent price this gun’s only downside is that it will be a shade heavy at 6lb 3oz for the smallest and youngest shooters but then, enthusiasm usually makes a gun feel lighter.

This .410 is nicely proportioned in every respect and I can’t see the fact that being a non-ejector will go against it – in fact in some ways it’s nice to get back to basics for a change.

Huglu .410 over-under shotgun


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