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New Hull Game cartridges reviewed

New Hull Game cartridges reviewed

Hull Cartridge Company clearly doesn’t stand on its laurels, less than a year after revamping its game range this British loader has been at it again.

To start, the newly introduced plastic cased version of its classic Three Crowns cartridge has been consigned to the scrapheap.

Once more it’s now only available in paper. Muzzle velocity remains the same at a gentle 1395fps.

As a matter of interest the Three Crowns range is one of only four products from different manufacturers still available in a paper case.

They are ideal for older hardware and a joy to shoot – the smell of them after firing is magical. Just take a sniff!

The 20-bore range has been re-branded too, even though there was never any duplication of loads, as in the other Hull lines.

The Three Crowns range in 23 and 25gm have disappeared to be replaced by a High Pheasant in 25gm fibre wad 5, 6 or 7 shot and High Pheasant Extreme in 28 or 30gm fibre 5 and 6 shot.

One point to note is that all High Pheasant Extreme loads are now loaded with continental shot sizes to increase down range energy, or striking power.

So for shot size 4 on the box read UK 3½ (3.2mm) and for 5 read UK 4½ or 2.9mm.

If it says High Pheasant on the box (without the Extreme bit), then it is a true English size.

Hull’s award winning Imperial Game range is also suitable for older guns and is loaded in a genuine 2.1/2in case powered by a Nobel Sport powder noted for gentle recoil.

Don’t be fooled though – this is a top performer available in a wide range of loads and thoroughly deserving of its award winning status.

The popular 26gm cartridge was previously 6 shot only but it’s now also available in 7s which some will prefer for early season grouse and partridge.

The Imperial Game in plastic wad is also destined for the skip due to lack of demand, so the whole range is now only available in an eco friendly, biodegradeable fibre wad.

Next up is the evergreen 28gm load in 5, 6 and 7 which should deal with most low ground eventualities.

The 30gm Imperial Game in 5 and 6 shot introduced last year was a great idea in my view and demand has proved me right.

And now the water gets somewhat muddied. High Pheasant loaded in a 67mm case (suitable for 65mm chambers) is still easily the most popular shell in Hull’s game range.

It’s available in both 30 and 32 gm format with a wide range of shot sizes and a choice of fibre wad or plastic shot cups.

This time last year I said that the 30gm Sterling Game would not sell. And I’ve been proved right, it has now been succeeded by a shell called High Pheasant Extreme.

But there’s more – the Extreme has taken over not just the Sterling Game name but that of the heavier Sovereign Extremes as well.

At least now everything from 30gm right through to 36gm comes under the same name to avoid confusion and I am sure we will all get used to the new arrangement.

Regardless of name performance and prices remain the same as last year. These are performance cartridges at a competitive price.

Whether or not I agree with the re-branding exercise is immaterial, Hull continue their admirable efforts to move with the times and their game range now offers a truly high performance product at a competitive price.

I have always liked this company’s packaging too, very high quality, glossy and doesn’t fall to bits when damp like certain other manufacturers I could mention.

In essence, it gives you an indication as to what to expect when you pull the trigger. You won’t be disappointed.