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Night Master 800 lamping light review

Night Master 800 lamping light review

I have found the Night Master 800 perfect for when I’m sitting out, lamping on my own or as part of a team, and it has certainly helped put more than a few foxes and bunnies in the bag.

The beam streams out to a whopping 800 metres making identification incredibly easy at comfortable shooting distances – quite remarkable for a lamp of its size.

The performance is all down to a convex lens which helps the little LED bulb hold its strength at long ranges. The general build quality of this lamp is of the highest quality, the makers seem to have thought of every detail including a glow in the dark on/off button which is such a good idea. The high-power rechargeable lithium-ion batteries give the lamp hours of running time with no built in memory so the batteries can be recharged at any time in the charger provided.

The lamp uses different LED bulbs to produce a different colour beam, so it doesn’t lose efficiency through a filter like conventional lamps. There are a lot of optional extras so you can customise it to your own personal needs to make it the perfect piece of kit for any Lamper.

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